Who's News Wednesday: Eliot Spitzer out, James Spader in
Jul 06 2011 11:36 pm CET

Wednesday featured some interesting personnel decisions in the world of television. Eliot Spitzer will be taking "talk show host" off his business cards for the time being while James Spader adds The Office to his resume.

Bad news for CNN and Eliot Spitzer: In the Arena, the former New York governor's daily political roundtable talk show, has been taken off the CNN Fall schedule. Originally known as Parker Spitzer when it premiered last October (with co-host Kathleen Parker), the show was retooled in late February to feature just Spitzer. Audiences still did not catch on, so the show will be cancelled as of August 8. AC360, with host Anderson Cooper, will take over the 8pm timeslot and repeat at 10pm.

Over on NBC, news broke today that James Spader will be joining The Office this fall. His character Robert California will take over as CEO of Sabre Dunder Mifflin (Kathy Bates is leaving because of Harry's Law). However, that still doesn't settle the matter of who will take over the role of Regional Manager. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

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