Thursday TV: Glenn Beck finale, SYTYCD Results, Ugly Americans, Extreme Chef
Jun 30 2011 08:33 am CET

Welcome to the Summer Sweeps Season! Truthfully, it doesn't mean much in event programming, but there are still some shows worth catching today. Ugly Americans returns, Extreme Chef debuts, and Glenn Beck checks out. Here's what's on TV Thursday.

First up, Glenn Beck airs his final show on Fox News at 5pm. The controversial host will be leaving his show to pursue other projects, some of which may air on the network later this year.

At 8pm on Fox (and here with Kellee) you can catch the Top 16 results for So You Think You Can Dance. It is anyone's guess who could be in the bottom three this week, but one more pair will exit tonight. Be sure to sign up for a liveblog reminder below!

Premiering tonight on Food Network is the series Extreme Chef. On this weekly challenge series, chefs will have to think quickly under some quirky culinary circumstances, such as cooking with unmarked canned goods or using the heat of a car engine to cook a hot dish. The show begins at 10pm.

Lastly, Ugly Americans returns to Comedy Central at 10:30pm. Mark is supervising a summer camp while demons and wizards battle (instigated by Twayne).

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