Memorial Day Weekend TV Marathons
May 27 2011 04:37 pm CET

Happy Memorial Day weekend! TVLatest will be taking the next couple of days off, but we didn't want to leave you hanging without TV recommendations. If you don't have plans or want some background noise, here's what's on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The folks over at TVTango have compiled the most complete marathon list ever, so rather than duplicate their efforts, here's the link to what's on every station imaginable this weekend.

Saturday's highlights include a 227 marathon on GMC, Empty Nest and Golden Girls reunited on Hallmark, The Three Stooges on IFC, and MacGyver, Charlie's Angels and T.J. Hooker on Sleuth.

Sunday features America's Next Top Model on Oxygen, Firefly (with Serenity) on Science, Project Runway on Style, and How I Met Your Mother on WGN America.

If you haven't overloaded on TV yet for Monday, the Smurfs take over Boomerang, The Karate Kid trilogy airs on Encore, Arrested Development on IFC, My So-Called Life on Sundance, and (of course) Law & Order original recipe on TNT.

Have fun and travel safe this weekend!

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