Eurovision Entry: Israel - Dana International - "Ding Dong"
May 01 2011 12:35 pm CET

Dana International returns to the Eurovision Song Contest, singing "Ding Dong" for Israel. Though a simple pop song, the elements used to construct the track may be able to engage viewers (and voters) may allow for a strong performance in Dusseldorf.

Country: Israel
Title: "Ding Dong"
Artist: Dana International
Semi-Final: Second, Slot 12
Last year's entry/position: "Milim" ("Words") - Harel Skaat (14th place)

Dana International rounds out the rather lengthy list of former Eurovision participants in this year's competition, having won the Contest for Israel in 1998 with "Diva". The song "Ding Dong" has been infused with a dancier beat than what was presented at Kdam:

It should be noted that Israel was given permission to perform in the second semi-final because the first semi-final fell on Israeli Memorial Day. This coincidence worked out quite well for the country because this song would not have stood a chance in the earlier semi-final. Aside from having to compete alongside "Haba Haba" (Norway) and "Boom Boom" (Armenia), there is very little distinguishing this song from "Celebrate" (Croatia). Oddly, this song stands out from the field in the second semi-final as none of the other entries match in style or tone. I think because of this, coupled with Dana International's popularity, Israel stands a good chance of advancing to the Final.

Is this a great song? Not really, but I think it has a lot of elements that people will respond to. The song is simple in lyrics with a good beat, the chorus is a bit of an earworm, and Dana International will undoubtedly bring style and flair to the stage. I don't think this so will (or should) win this year's Contest, but I think it could be a situation similar to Bosnia & Herzegovina where the song earns a small number of points from a lot of countries, allowing it to crack the Top Ten.

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