Eurovision Entry: Bosnia & Herzegovina - Dino Merlin - "Love in Rewind"
Apr 26 2011 01:59 pm CET

"Love in Rewind" is the sort of song that you may not think much of when you first hear it, but several hours later you cannot stop thinking about it. Could Dino Merlin, in his second Eurovision Song Contest appearance, give Bosnia & Herzegovina its first win?

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina
Title: "Love in Rewind"
Artist: Dino Merlin
Semi-Final: Second, Slot 1
Last year's entry/position: "Thunder and Lightning" - Vukasin Brajic (17th Place)

I think this song could be a real wildcard in the competition. On the first listen of "Love in Rewind" I didn't think much of the song – nothing bad, just another song to add to the list. It wasn't until several hours later when I was still tapping my foot and humming along to the melody in my head that I realized this song had some magic to it.

Originally I was annoyed that there wasn't a real music video made for this song (the above is from the song announcement special). Although I will mark down other entries in the coming days for not having real videos, I think this live performance actually works better for this song. The dancing around the stage and general rocking out is exactly what this song calls for. Hopefully in Dusseldorf the costumes will be a little more stylish, but I'm looking forward to this opening the Second Semi-Final.

As for how it will do in the contest, I am fairly optimistic. Although the tone is somber compared to other favorites in the Second Semi-Final (Sweden and Estonia, specifically), this song has more meat than the entries from Slovakia and The Netherlands. Frankly, if this song doesn't advance I would be disappointed.

As for the Final, I think this track has the chance to crack the top five. I thought last year's entry was a good song, but the story and timing of the Contest didn't quite mesh leading to a middle-of-the-pack finish. "Love in Rewind" has much more universal appeal. Though it may not get many 12's or 10's, it can rack up a lot of points with several 5's and 6's (5 x 42 = 210, after all).

I have high hopes for Dino Merlin, and I have a feeling "Love in Rewind" will deliver strong results.

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