Eurovision Entry: Armenia - Emmy - "Boom Boom"
Apr 23 2011 03:15 pm CET

Emmy, Armenia's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, was selected internally while the song "Boom Boom" was selected by the public. Although there have been public performances of the song, none of them were live, making evaluating the entry difficult.

Country: Armenia
Title: "Boom Boom"
Artist: Emmy
Semi-Final: First, Slot 4
Last year's entry/position: "Apricot Stone" - Eva Rivas (7th Place)

I find it difficult to evaluate this song fairly because I have yet to discover a live performance. I've seen Emmy lip sync the song at the selection final and at the Armenia Music Awards (made all the more obvious at the beginning with a blurp in the audio track), but so far no performances where she is actually singing. If anyone has a link to such a performance, please let me know.

I'm not sure what Armenia's end game by not having Emmy perform the song live. It's going to happen at the First Semi-Final whether Emmy and Armenia likes it or not. Does she not sound good live? I doubt that to be the case since Emmy was selected as the singer by an internal committee. Besides, United Kingdom's group Blue sounds horrible live and they are expected to finish in the top five.

My theory is that Armenia is experimenting to see how well an entry can do based solely on the track submitted. I think "Boom Boom" is a better song than last year's entry "Apricot Stone", which I had forgotten finished in seventh(!) place last year. I don't see this track having too much trouble advancing to the Final, though Poland and Croatia may be similar enough to cause a vote split. How the song does in the Final may hinge on how the live performance goes in the Semi-Final.

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