Recap Recap: Pirates, Classical Music, New Zealand, Double Elimination, Movies
Apr 15 2011 11:14 am CET

This week in reality television: pirates invaded The Celebrity Apprentice with few fireworks; classical music and the movies were this week's soundtrack; two castaways were sent to Redemption Island on Survivor; and The Biggest Loser went down under.

The Celebrity Apprentice: ASAP and Backbone are asked to think outside the box for a suntan lotion outdoor display. LaToya Jackson is completely useless as a project manager. Mark McGrath has a solid plan involving pirates, but Gary Busey causes more trouble. Just your average dramarama.

Dancing with the Stars: The nine remaining pairs danced Waltzes and Paso Dobles as a live orchestra played classical musical. Kendra Wilkinson and the judges do not like each other, Mark Ballas and his antics get under Len's skin, and Kirstie Alley loses a shoe. Despite all these setbacks, it was Sugar Ray Leonard who left the ballroom Tuesday night.

The Biggest Loser: This week the contestants jet off to Auckland, New Zealand to tackle weight-loss Kiwi style. Ken confronts Cara and his fear of heights. Moses and Kaylee enjoy family history in the city. One team experiences a weigh-in loss for the first time since new teams began.

Survivor Redemption Island: It's a double elimination week in the Murlonio tribe. Rob has firmly established control over the Ometepe tribe and Zapatera tries to find any sort of foothold to survive in the game. Two castaways are sent to Redemption Island, but there is no duel. Interesting...

American Idol: This week's theme, officially "Songs from the Movies", was "Songs Recorded at Some Point." After last week's shocking-ish elimination of Pia Toscano, it was the mentors and not the judges who took a stand to differentiate the contestants from one another. It was America who differentiated Paul McDonald from the rest of the cast by sending him home Thursday night.

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