Eurovision Entry: Croatia - Daria Kinzer - "Celebrate"
Apr 08 2011 02:41 pm CET

Croatia has made all the right decisions regarding how to improve the song "Celebrate" for Dusseldorf. Can Daria Kinzer deliver enough persona to survive the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Country: Croatia
Title: "Celebrate"
Artist: Daria Kinzer
Semi-Final: First, Slot 13
Last year's entry/position: "Lako je sve" ("Everything is Easy") - Feminnem (DNQ, 13/17 Second SF)

Initially I was not a fan of this track. I thought "Lahore", the original version of this song performed at the selection final, was okay but I preferred the other finalist over Daria Kinzer. Since then the song has been translated, reworked, and the video improves Daria's likability.

Croatia should be applauded for making so many good decisions when retooling this song. The English lyrics make sense and tell an okay, if not overly original, story – unlike the monstrosity that is now Slovenia's entry. The music of the original song seems to be intact as well, avoiding the trap that Poland nearly fell into.

The video makes Daria personable, a trait that I found lacking in the selection final. If she can channel her persona from the video into her live performance in the First Semi-Final, I think she will win people over. The major difficulty she will have to overcome is distinguishing herself from Kati Wolf of Hungary. Both songs are similar in style and tone, and I'm concerned that "What About My Dreams?" will overwhelm this track.

I am reasonably confident "Celebrate" will advance to the Final, but I think it may end up in the middle of the pack in the 25-song field.

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