Charlie Sheen upset about hiatus; Warner Bros. cuts 'Men' order by 4 episodes
Feb 14 2011 02:50 pm CET

'Two and a Half Men' star Charlie Sheen, currently in at-home rehab after he was hospitalized last month, called into Dan Patrick's radio show Monday expressing his anger that CBS has shuttered production.

In the segment, Sheen claimed to have lost his voice "banging on the stage door." When asked about the possible return date for production work, Sheen responded, "I believe it is August 2014 at this pace."

CBS placed the comedy on hiatus last week, stating that the network wants to wait for Sheen to fully recover before continuing work. The network has scheduled February 28 as the new production start date. Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Warner Bros. has cut four of the eight remaining episodes.

Tonight's episode of 'Two and a Half Men' is the last new episode for the series until production continues.

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