Saturday TV: NASCAR; Eyeborgs, Iron Invader on SyFy; Russell Brand hosts SNL
Feb 12 2011 10:55 am CET

If you don't have any plans this evening, there is some interesting stuff on TV tonight. NASCAR returns to Fox to fill your racing needs. SyFy has two new original movies premiering tonight. SNL is brand new as well. Here's what's on TV Saturday night.

On Fox at 8pm you can catch the inaugural event of Fox's NASCAR coverage this season: The 33rd Budweiser Shootout. Kevin Harvick to defend the title he has won two years in a row. Drive safe everyone!

SyFy has an original movie double feature tonight. The first film, Eyeborgs, is about an army of weaponized security cameras that terrorists have managed to hack. Eep. The second film, called Iron Invader, is about an alien bacteria that brings a statue to life. And of course the statue has a taste for blood and goes on a killing spree. There are no pacifist statues. 'Eyeborgs' starts at 6:30pm; 'Iron Invader' starts at 9pm.

Finally, Saturday Night Live is new tonight. Russell Brand is the host this week. Chris Brown will be the musical guest. I guess he's no longer a pariah? That was fast.

What are you watching tonight?

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