Friday TV: Human Target, Critics Choice Awards, RIcky Gervais, Real Time
Jan 14 2011 10:22 am CET

Tonight features a rescheduled Human Target, an award show, and two HBO premieres. Here is what is on to start off your weekend.

First up, Wednesday's episode of Human Target. Fox pre-empted the original airing due to the memorial service in Tucson, so tonight you can catch the two hours of action starting at 8pm. If you DVR, you may want to double check that it is set to record -- the schedule may still have 'Kitchen Nightmares' listed.

At 9pm, VH1 will air the 16th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards. Black Swan has earned 12 nominations. The King's Speech and True Grit both have 11 nominations. Who will be the big winner ahead of this Sunday's Golden Globes?

Finally, HBO has two season premieres tonight. The Ricky Gervais Show starts at 9pm with a second episode at 9:30. Following that is the ninth season premiere of Real Time with Bill Maher. The premiere was scheduled weeks in advance, but I imagine tonight's conversations will be very interesting. The show starts at 10pm.

What are you watching tonight?

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