Survivor Nicaragua Recap: You Started, You're Finishing
Dec 01 2010 10:44 pm CET

This week we have a Survivor first. Product placement in a challenge. No, wait, Jeff acting like your dad. No, NaOnka and Kelly talking about quitting. Again. So that's not it. No Immunity before Tribal? Not quite....

Previously! Holly, NaOnka and Purple Kelly have all toyed with the idea of quitting the game over the last four weeks (game time, not viewer time). St. Jimmy Johnson pulled Holly from the brink, Chase talked NaOnka out of walking, and Team Brash kept Kelly in the game because she is a vote. However, at the last Tribal Council, Brenda tried to throw NaOnka under the bus. Sash didn't use his Hidden Immunity Idol to save Brenda, so she was sent packing. Nobody bothered to tell Kelly any of this. Oops. 9 Survivors are left.

After the Night 27 TC, more rain falls on Camp Libertad. Kelly asks NaOnka who she voted for because she is still completely out of the loop (Kelly and Brenda did not vote for Brenda). NaOnka is all "did you hear what [Brenda] was saying about me?" Later, NaOnka interviews "Do I look like Boo Boo the fool?" That's getting added to my list of sayings to use.

Day 28 and more storms are brewing. Jane interviews that the pond has become a raging river and that camp life is generally miserable. Everyone is huddled under the fire-damaged shelter (forgot to include that in the previouslies) trying to stay dry. NaOnka and Kelly fall back into their respective miseries whenever bad weather strikes the camp. After the weather clears, Benry and Fabio go for a walk and chat about the possibility of NaOnka and Kelly quitting. Chase and NaOnka also go for a walk but instead of asking for a pep talk from Chase, NaOnka gives him the Hidden Immunity Idol. She also tells him to turn his swag on.

With two people possibly leaving camp, Holly and Jane take inventory. They know they have Chase and are fairly confident they have Sash, which would give them a majority. Sash interviews that he doesn't trust those three as much as he trusts the two women threatening to quit. Even with his own HII, would joining up with Benry/Fabio/Dan be a better trust option?

Reward Challenge! In this one, two teams will be tethered as they work together to free an 8 foot dummy named Gulliver from a plank he is tied to. After the dummy is freed, the team has to carry him through an obstacle course without dropping him. The winning team will get to go to "Survivor Cinema" to see a sneak preview of [Product Placement Film featuring a character named Gulliver] and free access to the concession stand.

The teams are selected by schoolyard pick. Fabio/Sash/Jane/Kelly are in Yellow and Holly/NaOnka/Chase/Benry are the Blue Team. Dan is not selected (because: duh) and is betting on the Blue Team to win. The Yellow Team is first to get their dummy off the table with the Blue team close behind. Both teams complete the wall climb at about the same time but Blue gets stuck briefly. The second obstacle is a rope web placed over some hay bales. The Yellow team pulls ahead but gets stymied in a rope web placed in a tunnel. The Blue team overtakes the lead, causing Probst to get all Angry Soccer Dad on the Yellow team. The Blue Team crosses the finish line first.

After Jeff recaps the Reward, NaOnka raises her hand to announce that she is quitting. Probst is surprised and asks if anyone else wants to quit. Kelly squeaks out a "me too." Probst switches from Angry Soccer Dad to Overly Passive Aggressive Dad and lectures the two women about their choices. He says he wants them to take the afternoon to think about it before making things final.

Before sending the winners and loser to their respective destinations, he plays a game of Let's Make a Deal with the winners. He has a new tarp and a jug of rice for the camp if one of the challenge winners want to sacrifice their ticket to the movie. Holly decides to take the deal, giving a martyr speech as she does it. While she is speaking we can hear Benry telling NaOnka to give up the reward so Holly can go. NaOnka is too busy thinking about popcorn and candy to listen to Benry. Holly interviews that she is disappointed that NaOnka did not step up.

Back at Libertad, everyone tells Holly how much they appreciate her sacrifice. They get to work to get the tarp in place before the next storm hits. After the tarp is in place, Holly pulls Kelly aside for a chat. Holly asks Kelly why she is quitting, and Kelly whines about how she is cold and hungry. Holly gives her a speech about sucking it up and dealing with it. She points out that the tarp will make the weather more bearable and the tribe has more rice. Kelly interviews that "she has nothing left to suck."

At the reward, everyone dives into popcorn, candy, nachos and hot dogs. Chase interviews that he isn't happy that NaOnka let Holly take one for the team. NaOnka says she earned the reward, so why should she give it up? Then we get an extended ad for [Product Placement Film starring a guy whose name rhymes with Yak]. Benry can't enjoy it though because he wants NaOnka out of the game. Shut up, Benry.

The tribe is now assembled at Tribal Council. This is a special TC, as there was no Immunity Challenge beforehand. So if neither woman quits will they still vote? We'll see I guess. The jury is brought in and this is the first that they hear that anyone is thinking of quitting. Alina is shocked but Marty has to fake his jaw dropping -- I think this may have been a pickup shot. Hehe.

Probst asks Holly about her chat with Jimmy Johnson on Day 5. This must be the Survivor first Probst kept spoiling about on Twitter today: shoehorning the third player voted out of the game on day 28. Jane talks about how you have to have a drive and willingness to stay in the game to make it to the end. NaOnka talks about how the bad weather causes her to have severe joint pain. Kelly says she feels like her body is breaking down. Probst asks a few others their opinions to push the peer pressure angle. Shut up, Jeff.

The conversation moves to the reward. NaOnka calls the reward a celebration and has no apologies with regards to Holly giving up her spot. Jeff asks if NaOnka thinks she has a shot at winning the game. NaOnka says absolutely. She has spunk, charm and knows she has a shot at winning. She definitely has a lock on making it to the final as the player you would want to sit next to. Benry talks about the movie and tries to tie the moral of the story to the game. That sound you hear is Jonathan Swift rolling in his grave. Jane gets the last word, saying that the youngsters need to know that life is not an easy ride, and a lot of people are struggling right now who don't have the safety net that 'Survivor' provides.

Time for the decision. Jeff asks NaOnka what she wants to do. She decides to quit. Aw, nerds. Probst tells Kelly she now has a 1/8 chance of winning, but she decides to quit also. Marty says "I can't believe it. I wanted to ________ play." Probst asks what should be done with the torches. Oh yeah, none of these people have watched the show before, so they didn't see Osten's torch burn in effigy. NaOnka thinks her torch should still be "smuffed." Fabio openly laughs at her. Kelly says she also thinks the torches should be "snuffed." Jeff says their torches will be snuffed, but they will stay in the Tribal Council area to serve as a reminder when they return as jurors. WHAT?!?! Why do they get to be on the Jury?

Jeff snuffs the torches and sends the women on their way. Marty is fuming. Alina is crying. Brenda says "I gave her so much more credit," but it is not 100% clear which player she is referring to. Probst reminds the 7 remaining contestants that there are 10 days left and everyone needs to step up and play.

Next time: 7 players have access to knives and knife sharpeners. Holly, Jane, Sash, and Fabio are all possible contenders for the next "smuffing."

In the credits interviews, Kelly apologizes to the jury. NaOnka has no apologies for anyone. Somehow I don't think this experience changed her.

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