Ratings: LOLA strong; Modern Family wins; everyone else dips
Sep 30 2010 12:39 pm CET

'Modern Family' won another Wednesday night on an evening where viewership appears to be down across the board. NBC's new entry in the Law & Order franchise won its slot in both viewers and 18-49.


Top honors for the hour go to 'Survivor' which scored a 3.4 and over 12 million viewers. Although this is a win for the night, this was one of the lowest rated episodes in the franchise.

Hell's Kitchen was flat week-to-week, which is good news for Fox -- the network needs any good news it can get right now.

ABC's 'The Middle' dipped slightly (2.4 from last week's 2.6) but the outlook is not as good for 'Better With You'. The new comedy lost just under a million viewers from last week and went from 2.5 to 2.1.

TV's Grim Reaper is now hovering over NBC's 'Undercovers', which scored a 1.6 and lost close to 1.5 million viewers.


Wednesday's top show was 'Modern Family'. The show did drop from last week's 5.0, but no one came close to its 4.5 last night. 'Cougar Town' could not maintain the momentum: it registered only a 2.9 (down from 3.3) and lost 4 million of its lead-in audience.

'Criminal Minds' came in second overall with 14.41 million viewers (up from last week) and a 3.6 (down from last week's 4.0).

'Law & Order: SVU' experienced a slight dip from last week, scoring a 2.7.


NBC, which is also in need of good news, won the hour with the premiere of 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'. Along with attracting the most viewers at 10pm, the 3.1 rating makes it the third NBC show to debut with a 3.0 or better this season.

'The Defenders' on CBS had a rather substantial drop-off, losing close to 2 million viewers and slipping from 2.9 to 2.5.

TV''s Grim Reaper is also planning to visit ABC's 'The Whole Truth' which scored a 1.3 and only 4.69 million viewers. For a comparison, last night's episode of 'America's Next Top Model' also scored a 1.3 with 2.91 million viewers.

CBS won the night overall.

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