More details on 'Torchwood' return
Aug 06 2010 06:08 pm CET

More information about the upcoming fourth season of BBC-Starz co-production ‘Torchwood’ was revealed Friday. The show announced its slate of writers, three of whom are American.

Show creator Russell Davies is still on board and has brought on Doris Egan (most recently on ‘House’), Jane Espenson (‘Battlestar Gallactica’) and John Shiban (‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The X-Files’). The story structure will be a series arc, similar to “Children of Earth”, rather than self-contained episodes similar to the first two season of the program.

Both John Barrowman and Eve Myles will be returning to the program. Casting continues to round out the rest of the cast.

Production is expected to begin in January. ‘Torchwood’ is still on schedule for a Summer 2011 premiere.


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