is looking for motivated staff members
May 26 2010 05:46 pm CET

If just watching television isn't enough for you, but you want to write about it instead, this may be your chance. is looking for highly motivated people who want to share their writing skills with the rest of the world, covering a broad range of TV-related news.

What are we looking for?

Live Update writers Watch your favorite show and write live updates as it happens. Interact with readers and give their TV-watching experience an extra dimension.

Reviewers Write weekly reviews for your favorite shows. Be objective and describe the episode's strong and weak points.

News writers: People who have time and energy to write articles on a regular basis. These articles will cover topics such as renewals, cancellations, casting matters and so on.

Columnists: Write about whatever you believe is interesting (TV-related, of course), preferably with a sharp touch of humor.

We are looking for those who love TV and writing, and want to combine these to form one hobby at We cannot offer payments at the moment and cannot make promises for the future either. Make sure that when you apply, you understand that this should be a hobby, although one that is to be taken very seriously.

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