Modest ratings for Ugly Betty in series finale
Apr 15 2010 02:02 pm CET

In its last ever episode, ABC's Ugly Betty did slightly better than in previous weeks but not enough to make the network doubt its decision to cancel the show.

A total amount of 5.65 million tuned in to watch America Ferrera play Ugly Betty one more time, clearly the best result of the season. Only three other episodes actually surpassed the five million, some episodes not even reaching four.

The viewership decrease was very visible in last year's season three, which started to close to ten million viewers in its premiere and finished with just over six in its final episode.

Ugly Betty's best watched episode ever was in fact its pilot on September 28, 2006. No less than 16.3 million Americans watched that show. The entire opening season saw ratings that rarely went below ten million.

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